Is the wine that best defines our philosophy. The vines grow on classical decomposed granite soil which is poor in organic material.

  The wines’s name metaphorically sums up the philosophy of our wine producing.  The inspiration for the label comes from a school notebook José Antonio Lopez’s mother had when she was a young girl. Her drawings are the ones we have used to illustrate all the winery’s labels.

   The wine remains at least a year in stainless steel tanks and another year in the bottle before hitting the market.  This gives it great complexity and roundness without losing its characteristics of acidity and freshness as well as highlighting its minerality. 






s a single vineyard wine only produced in exceptional years which really express the highest potential of the grape variety (Albariño). Its name is dedicated to the first male grandchild of José Antonio. The date of birth of Nicolás coincides with the first vintage of the brand.

   The wine is a single grape wine with aromatic nuances and high complexity, supple, and with good backbone. It will have a long life that can be extended in perfect quality conditions for over years


   Is a more casual wine designed for a noninitiated consumers who want to start discovering the excellence of the Albariño variety at affordable prices.

   The brand’s name as well as the drawing in the label also come from the school’s notebook of José Antonio’s mother.

   This wine has all the characteristics of the Albariño grape but with more lightness and freshness.




   Is a more delicate version of an elegant and suggestive Albariño. It comes from a vineyard that already reflected delicacy and singularity while reaching maturity. As one would expect, this CLAUDIA also has a story behind. It’s dedicated to the first granddaughter of Jose Antonio who, like her, expresses its female character from an early age. 

   It is a delicate, elegant single vineyard Albariño, that reflects a different aspect of the grape and plays it in a key of aromatic subleties.




   This red wine holds the essence of Galician reds long time forgotten. There is freshness in the aromas and balance in the mouth with a rich palate that will inevitably take us to the heart of a land with a long viticultural history. Reds in Galicia are frequently a mixture of local varieties that were always there but only now with the course of time and the appropriate treatment have once again stood out and surprised.

   Hidden treasures like this Antón that come back to be reborn and show the charms Galician reds always had. Now thanks to the will and commitment of the winery Antón displays an attractive freshness with a historic background.