The secret of good pairing is to find the best combination of food and wine where one will highlight the other’s qualities.  It can be achieved through contrast of the wine’s flavors with those of the food or by complementarity, where each element brings its own character and contributes to the overall tasting sensation.

   Due to its characteristics, wines from COMPAÑÍA DE VINOS TRICÓ, are a perfect pairing the rich Mexican, Japanese, Fusion and Spanish cuisine that combines multiple flavors, often with a spicy touch.


   TRICÓ perfectly accompanies guacamole, and typical dishes such as pozole, enfrijoladas, quesadillas or corn tamales.with sushi as well as fusion cuisine with its exotic ingredients.

   NICOLÁS due to its complexity is a great match to chopped veracruzanas, sashimi and with sea food and paellas


   TABLA DE SUMAR with its good palate goes along nicely with green chilaquiles, as well as roasted and broiled fish.

    CLAUDIA is very versatile with Mediterranean cuisine where fresh and sea products are recognized for their healthy character. Perfect for white meats, especially with poultry with creamy based sauces or citrus touches.


    ANTÓN is a red wine where freshness and liveliness is its best asset. It offer a great harmony with stews, veal, a carpaccio of Korean wagu or Mexican tamales


   Wines produced by COMPAÑÍA DE VINOS TRICÓ are perfect allies to Galician cuisine with its sea character. Traditionally, the typical dishes of a given region will be perfectly paired with the wines produced in the area. Both are complements. Albariño wines contribute to highlight the qualities of local seafood and fish, without losing its own personality. They are the perfect pair that highlights the pure flavors of grilled, steamed or slightly cooked seafood. The only trick is to keep simple wine with simple food and the more complex wine with elaborate cuisine.