Our work is mainly based on simplicity and keeping things as natural as possible to allow us to obtain optimal grapes so wine producing can be the least interventionist. We focus our work on what we have called “enology on the field”, which is where we pay the most attention and the most precise care.
   In order to reach this we do all field work in Spring, we use only organic fertilizers and sometimes we even plant cereal between the lines in order to avoid water drags between rows due to rainwater that occur during Winter. Afterwards, this “green element” is mixed with the soil by Spring. The most important part of the process is the grape picking at its ideal moment and the immediate transfer to the nearby cellar.


   When grapes reach the winery they go directly to an uncomplicated pneumatic press. This allows extraction of very fine and clean musts. Once the must is obtained it`s decanted and fermented at controlled temperature.
Our wine making process is very smooth in order to always respect the characteristics of each vintage. This allows us to ensure a long life to our wines which on the other hand is their main virtue.



   Our Albariño grapes come from 10 hectares of vineyard with granitic soil which is very typical of the inland of the subarea of Condado. The vineyards are located close to the small villages that accompany the river Miño on its way on to the Atlantic Ocean. Grape yields are very moderate, going from 6,000 to 7,000 kilos, and not exceeding 8,000 kilos per hectare. We consider it’s the only way to obtain sufficient concentration to produce wines with personality and that will age well.