NICOLÁS: : "The very personal long captivating finish brings the gift of small fruit arpeggios. The time spent in the bottle will continue composing a melody that is in part lullaby and part festive dance." 94 Points.

Carlos Delgado. Newspaper EL PAÍS


TRICÓ: "What is really worth, among other things, is its extraordinary length" 92 Points

NICOLÁS: “"... amazing length in mouth, which sometimes is all finesse and others is even dazzling" 94 Points.

Guía de Vinos ABC Newspaper


NICOLÁS: "Mature, with no trace of negative development ... With body and nerve, satiny, tasty and vibrant." 97 Points

TABLA DE SUMAR: "... With body and texture, a well balanced fresh acidity, dry, soft, tasty, fruity aromas in the mouth and with a long wide finish." 91 Points.

Guía Prensa de Vinos


TRICÓ: "This is the latest adventure of José Antonio López (founder of Morgadío and afterwards of Lusco do Miño) whose good work always reappears after each new project. He is presenting a very serious and deep Albariño, due to the fine quality of the grape and the post fermentation process where the wine remains in contact with its fine lees.”


“…TRICÓ "... 2013 will be better the longer you keep it in the bottle." 93 Points

: "...the suggestive and perfectly round NICOLÁS is much more expressive in the nose and in the mouth once a few years after its vintage have gone by" 96 Points.

Anuario de Vinos El País


NICOLÁS:"This is a wine that calls for a little patience; it starts revealing itself soon after having been uncorked. That’s when the undeniable virtues and greatness can be appreciated. It is a splendid Albariño that grows in quality and shows harmony and complexity. It is intense and very pleasant."

María Pilar Molestina. Gentleman magazine