Childhood experiences shape our personality and we can not deny that we spent the rest of our lives bringing back  emotions that originated at specific times of our childhood. Winemaking and everything it involved throughout the year, was part of the world that surrounded my childhood.
As in much of Galician villages, each house elaborated wine for the year’s consumption and required the participation of the whole family. As a boy, for me this meant heading towards the vineyard on cold mornings with my grandfather to work in the vineyard and plant vines. The smell of the damp soil and the warmth that surrounded me when I would jump in the small trenches that in Galicia we call “valeiras” is a cherished memory.  It was a ritual repeated year after year, until we would finally see the first mature grapes.

Perhaps one of the most vivid memories I have is of a small very old vine with a single cluster of albariño grapes  we had at home. When the grapes had finally matured my grandfather would give me the only cluster in that vine. It was a joy to eat the grapes holding the bunch with both hands with all the juice pouring down my face and enjoying such a natural and close experience. Even today, every harvest I keep remembering that single vine that gave me the best moment of the grape picking period. I remember the very sweet, tasty, delicious grapes. I really enjoyed this natural experience like nothing else.  


It was this sublime flavor that has set for me the taste of authentic albariño for life. It evokes a world of emotions and moments linked to our land and customs. It's what I try to rediscover each vintage in the albariños I elaborate.


José Antonio López.


COMPAÑÍA DE VINOS TRICÓ is a very personal project that takes its name from the expression used in Galicia to name a late child that comes in the family. Tricó is not only the youngest of all siblings but also the unexpected one, and the one that ends up being pampered and being the family joy. The metaphor illustrates perfectly well the feelings of José Antonio when launching its wine company TRICÓ after previous experiences. It is a very down to earth project intimately attached to the environment and where each element is intended to be a reflection of the Galician character. It aims to extract the true character of the albariño grape and express it authentically.

“I created this project in order to synthesize all my previous experiences in wineries with other partners. My goal was to make my own style of wines which would be a true reflection of terroir without trade concessions”, says José Antonio.


As the wine company TRICÓ responds to very personal experiences, labels also reflect that spirit. The design of each label bears a family and local story that somehow also reflects a given time. All the drawings used for the labels are taken from a school notebook that the mother of José Antonio used as a child, in her village of Cequeliños. In it she drew, wrote and recreated all the stories she came up with in her imagination and ended up in her homework notebooks.



the first Steps

2007 the first vintage of the white Albariño wine named TRICÓ is launched. It was born with more character and aging potential than the usual Albariños. In addition, TRICÓ 2007 revealed the enormous potential of specific vineyards and paved the way to produce wines coming from perfectly identified plots. The knowledge of the characteristics of each vineyard would turn out being the starting point to develop the other brands of the winery.


When exceptional circumstances arise, vineyards behave in an extraordinary way and the wines follow the pattern. That was what happened in the harvest of 2010. There was one tank from a given vineyard that would behave in a very special way and we decided to bottle it separately because of its uniqueness. This was our Albariño single vineyard wine NICOLÁS. It appeared more complex, with more volume and maturity; a wine to last. This wine is only produced when nature is generous and the vintage turns out to be as outstanding as it was that year. 

A year later, in 2011, TABLA DE SUMAR completed the range of Alabriño wines. The idea behind the wine was to meet the growing demand for a simpler, fruity wine that would also be a true expression of the Albariño grape. A wine equally true to its environment and their varietal character, but a bit lighter and fresher. A more cheerful wine you would not age.


This year, 2016, CLAUDIA will make its debut. Another wine that comes from a single vineyard that makes a gentler wine, with more perfume and finesse and equally expressive and seductive. It also meets the recognizable qualities of an Albariño wine but with a more elegant and gentle touch that is also another side of the indigenous variety of Galicia..